Thursday, December 22, 2016

November turned into December before we even knew it!

We had a crazy busy month with lots of fun activities and events! At the end of November we danced as our favourite book characters and raised money for the school. Thank you for your support with this!

Baby Hana is getting big! She can roll over by herself, she is getting strong, and she tried baby cereal for the first time!

We started out spelling groups and they are going well! We sometimes use wiki sticks to practice our words.

This was a fun math scavenger hunt we did in partners to solve the word problems!

We were lucky enough to win the pizza party for the fundraising event, and our buddies won too!! So we all celebrated together with a pizza and movie party, complete with candy buffet! It was an awesome time!

 Baby Hana visited again before the holidays in her cute holiday outfit and had lots of giggles and smiles for us! We can't wait to see what she can do in the New Year.

Our last week we did several crafts, including a water color resist with pastels to make beautiful trees. Take a look!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and break! It has been a great first half to the school year and can't wait to hear about your winter break and all you did! Be safe and have fun!

Ps- Kids and Parents- what is your favourite holiday tradition??

Mine is receiving new PJ's on Christmas eve and on Boxing Day enjoying card games and french fry sandwiches at my grandparents house!


  1. Connor's favorite tradition is eating special Santa and Rudolph pancakes on Christmas morning (strawberry hat, whipped cream beard, bacon antlers).

    His mom Sandi likes to dust off her old French Horn and play Christmas carols until her lips give out

  2. Shea's favourite tradition is getting my big silly family all together.

    Stacie's (Shea's mom) favourite tradition is getting together with the extended family and playing silly Christmas games.

  3. Meghan's favourite traditionis opening my presents and geting to play whith them at midnight.

  4. Austin's favorite tradition is having a great big breakfast Christmas morning that his Dad makes. Darah's favorite tradition is new Christmas pjs on Christmas eve.

  5. Oliver's favourite tradition is opening my presents on Christmas morning.

    Nola, (Oliver's mom) favourite tradition is watching the kids open their gifts Christmas morning in front of the fireplace and drinking my coffee in my new pj's (new pj's isthe only gift we open on Christmas eve).
    Also I thought I was the only person who ate French Fry Sandwiches. We'll have to compare notes, I love French Fry Sandwiches.

  6. Jeremy:my favourite Christmas tradition is unwrapping presents and decorating the Christmas tree.
    Dad Jeff likes having his family on his radio show and having a yummy brunch on Christmas Day.

  7. Liam's favorite tradition is eating turkey skin at grandma's. Lara's favorite tradition is watching Elf and Christmas Vacation over and over :)

  8. Lilys favorit Christmas tradion is waking up early
    and opening presents.
    Mom Jade loves having our family over on Christmas morning
    and Lily gets to spend christmas night with her dad's family.

  9. Cohen's favourite part is going to grandparents and opening presents.
    Mom loves having all the family together and hosting Christmas Day supper.

  10. Nate's favorite Christmas tradition is opening presents and then building any Lego sets he gets. Christmas brunch is enjoyed too.

    Mum's favorite thing is watching the excitement of Nate and his cousins open presents