Thursday, February 23, 2017

Going out with some FUN!!!

It is hard to believe that it is time for me to go! The last few months have flown by and we have done so many fun things, worked hard on projects, and learned lots!

Here are some of the art and writing projects we have done:

 As a Grade 3 team we celebrated Bell Let's Talk Day by talking about our feelings and exercising our bodies and mind! Take a look!

In Social Studies we learned about the 7 Continents. Mme Janes is very proud of the hard work and how each of you presented your work! Parents- you will get to see them soon :)

In Science, we learned all about STRUCTURES! We made bridges, and we learned what makes a structure strong and stable! We tried to make card towers, but let's just say we are better with cups! Look how high we made some of our cup stacked towers!

We also presented our Concours ( speeches) that we worked a lot...A LOT...on! We celebrated with some grape juice & cheese and crackers! 

This has been such a great year teaching Grade 3! I have enjoyed learning about each of you and getting to see you learn and grow in grade 3! 

Below please comment your favourite memory from this past year or something you liked about each day!

I will miss reading with you, sharing your creative stories and always loved when we did Art together and our yoga breaks! :)

Remember to always be kind, try your best, and stay positive!

xo Mme Janes 


  1. Connor says thank you for everything. His favorite thing was GoNoodle and dancing around

  2. My favourite part about it was when we played games and did art. - Lily

  3. Liam's favorite part was finish up Friday with gum!!