Thursday, November 17, 2016

A busy start to November...

We have been doing lots of activities in November! We had a guest named Flat Stanley, who visited us from New Brunswick and we showed him around Winnipeg and now he is on his way back home with a special letter from us!

Mme Buchanan came and taught us about sounds and syllables to help us break down our 
French words.

With our Grade 1 Buddies, we made watercolour poppies to help decorate the Remembrance Day Ceremony.  

In Math, we have been playing some games to help us with our addition facts. It was a really fun way to learn!

Baby Hana learned lots of new things and we learned what a milestone is. She likes being on her belly now. Look at that big smile! :)

We presented our Science Projects to the class. We had so much fun seeing each one and playing with them. It was neat to see how each person did theirs.

We also started learning about increasing patterns in Math. We really like playing with the pattern blocks, a little too much maybe!

We are also working on a special project that we can't tell you about just yet. You will have to wait until Conferences to see what it is!


What is the farthest place you have ever traveled? What is the furthest place your parents have travelled! Help us by answering and we will out them on a map!

Remember, be kind! :)


  1. The farthest Connor has travelled is Drumheller, AB.
    The farthest his mom has travelled was Kyoto, Japan.

  2. The furthest I have travelled is to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico - The furthest my parents have travelled is New Zealand (my dad went there)

  3. Liam: I've been to Edmonton.
    Lara: The furthest I've been was London, England!

  4. Janaya: I got to enjoy watching seals swim in the ocean by Victoria, BC

    My dad got a sunburn at Surfer's Paradise in Australia....he now uses sunscreen!

  5. Shane; the farthest place I have been is Jamaica with my buddy. Shea; the farthest place I have been is Mexico for my parents wedding I was the flower girl.

  6. Jade: the farthest plac l have been is Spain
    Lily: the farthest plac l have been is Minneapolis.

  7. The farthest place Jeremy has been is Orlando, Florida. The furthest place Jeff, Jeremy's Dad, has been is Düsseldorf, Germany. The furthest place Jaine, Jeremy's Mom, has been is Crete, Greece.

  8. Cohen: The farthest that Cohen has travelled will be our trip to Jamaica this Christmas.
    Mom and Dad: The farthest we have travelled is St.Maarten (Caribbean island)

  9. The furthest place Declan has been is Vancouver Island, BC.
    Craig has been to Hawaii, Sharon has been to Japan, and big brother Shayne has been to Germany/Italy/Austria - a school trip!

  10. The furthest place I have travelled to is Toronto, ON.
    the furthest place my parents have travelled to is Orlando, FL USA.


  11. Bailey: The furthest place I have travelled to is Banff. The furthest place my parents have travelled to is Quebec

  12. Émilie: The further place I travelled is Virginia Beach, VA, USA
    Father: The farther place he travelled is Alert, Nunavut, North Pole

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