Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fun in October...

In October we had TIA- The Integrated Arts. Mme Becky came and taught us all about dance and movement. She also taught us about magnets and forces that attract and repel. It was a lot of fun to make up the dance and playing shoe game!

Can you guess what emotion we are trying to convey?? Look below, how about us?..

We finished out Swimming lessons on Monday. We learned things like how to do the back crawl, side glide, to help someone when they are in trouble, and the elementary backstroke! We also relaxed in the hot tub!

We met our Roots of Empathy baby. Her name is Hana. She is really cute and we made predictions and on our next visit we will see if she can do them. Right now, she likes to lay down, when she is with her mom, and she doesn't like the bottle just yet!

We worked on our Forces booklet and practiced PUSH and PULL!

An artist hard at work on his Haunted House! You should see how spooky they turned out!

We learned about Venn Diagrams, and also that the majority of us and our families like SWEET stuff! 

We also set some reading goals this month and are working towards them!

This year we decided to melt crayons on our pumpkin to decorate it! We used a heat gun, and watch the wax melt!

 We also shared our Haunted House stories and tried to sell the spookiest house on the street!

On Halloween we has some Math fun with smarties and worked together as a team to come up with the answers. Then we ate them of course! 

There was some really good costumes this year! We also had fun treats and candy apple bar at the party!

Happy Halloween from Salle 23!

We hope everyone had a great October. Here is the questions:
Students: What are you most looking forward to in November??
Parents: What is your favourite Halloween memory and why? It can be from when you were a child or with your own child. 



  1. Connor is looking forward to seeing what everyone makes for their science projects!

    Sandi's best Halloween memory happened this past weekend: our Pokemon family won 2nd place in the costume contest at our friends' wedding social.

  2. I'm looking forward to going skating with my brothers. (Declan)
    My favourite Halloween memory is when I was about Declan's age. The house we lived in had a long curving driveway. We used a sheet to make a ghost in a tree in the front yard and put a speaker under it. Then we would play creepy sounds on the record player in the house (yes, records!). Sometimes people would get halfway down the driveway and then turn and run when they heard the music! It sounds kind of mean now, but it was so funny at the time! (Sharon)

  3. Liam: I am looking forward to setting up the Christmas tree and putting all the ornaments on it.

    Lara: My favorite Halloween memory is when going to Boo at the Zoo with the boys when they were little and Liam ran up and gave a great big hug to a stranger in a creepy costume - no fear! That would never happen today!

  4. Oliver is excited to see what my friends did for their science project.

    Nola's best Halloween memory is every year we make homemade caramel apples - they are so delicious!!

  5. Janaya: I'm looking forward to thanking the military for Rememberance day and hearing about

    Jason: my favourite memory is as a teenager with buddies coming up with the cheesy, terrible costumes just so we could trick or treat

  6. Samantha: I'm looking forward to going to the cottage with my family and playing with my cousins.

    David: With the last name Schneider when I would play superheroes as a kid I would be Super Wiener! For Halloween my Mom surprised me with a Super Wiener costume. I was pretty happy.

  7. Austin - I am most excited about my moms birthday.
    Darah- My favourite Halloween memory is when I dressed as cousin It from the Addams family movies. My family and I all made the costume together.

  8. Jeremy: I am looking forward to having a house concert!! : Jaine: My favourite Halloween memory is making my gypsy costume and Raggedy Ann costume just using old clothes of my parents and old jewelry in grade 2 and 3. Jeff: My favourite memory is taking Jeremy trick or treating.

  9. Shea: I am looking forward to the snow, and having fun in the snow.

    Stacie: My favourite Halloween memory was as a child. I grew up in the Manitoba Housing on Doncaster and it was always an awesome candy score from the housing and the big houses in Tuxedo.

    Shane: My friend was dressed up as Raggedy Ann and got his foot caught in the escalator.

  10. I am most excited to go to Disney world. our favorite Halloween memory is going to the haunted forest at night and seeing all the costumestaff.

  11. Nate is looking forward to seeing LA Kings play the Jets in November.
    Racheal's favorite Halloween memory was this year, carving the three pumpkins we grew this summer.

  12. Cohen: Anxious to go to Grand Forks with our friends and for the next Roots of Empathy.

    Cohen: Favorite Halloween memory is going to Aunty Polly and Uncle Don's for our halloween party and sorting out all my candy.