Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall Fun!...

We started off the Fall season with some fun finger paint and used tin foil to create our trees! It was fun to use our fingers and they turned out awesome! ( You can see them on our bulletin board outside our classroom)

We took advantage of the nice weather and went outside with our Reading Buddies, who are in grade one!

In Math, we have been learning new games about place value and doing our different stations. One game we learned was called STOMP IT- we love to stomp out the numbers and to break the time record!

We also learned about all the different ways we can represent a number and we worked in groups to show it!

We ran as a school in support of Terry Fox. It felt great to raise money to support cancer and finding a cure.

These three were recognized at our assembly for their hard work speaking French in class!

And today we had a SURPRISE!...We found out Mme Janes is having a baby girl! We celebrated with pink cupcakes and pink bubble gum!

Her big sister is excited to have a little sister! :)

That's all for now! :) 

Please comment below and answer this question:

What is your favourite memory growing up, and parents- what is your favourite memory of your child as a baby?!


  1. My favourite memory was going to Mexico with my family (Oliver). One of my favourite memories of Oliver as a baby was when I bought him a giant ice cream cone from McDonald's and let him eat it in the van, it was a disaster. We have a great picture of that memory hanging on our wall!!! Congrats on the baby girl - we're still hoping there are 2 girls in your belly!! #twinsrock

  2. Connor: my favorite memory was when daddy made a huge snow pile in the backyard and we used it as a toboggan run.
    Sandi: my favorite memories of Connor were strapping him on in a wrap and going for walks or adventures while he looked around and eventually fell asleep.

  3. My favourite memory of Shea as a baby, is when she would lie in bed with her grandma after a chemotherapy treatment and Shea would just brighten her day.

  4. David (Dad) - A favourite memory of Samantha is listening to Johnny Cash with her!
    Samantha - My favourite memory is when my sisters hat fell into an alligator pit in Florida and my Grandpa when in to get it.

  5. David (Dad) - One of my favourite memories of Samantha is listening to Johnny Cash with her!
    Samantha - My favourite memory is when my Sisters hat fell into an alligator pit in Florida and my Grandpa went in to get it!

  6. Jeremy:my favourite memory was when I went to Orlando, Florida to Disney World. It was the most fun time of my life.
    Jeff & Jaine: Our favourite memory was when Jeremy was in his Jolly Jumper. It was so cute because he was jumping so high and loved it so much.��

  7. Shea:my favorite memory as a baby meeting my family because it is so big and nice.

  8. my favorite thing was going on vacations with my family.
    one of my favorite memories was lily and me dressing up as zombies and goimg trick or treating

  9. Austin - My favourite memory is going to Disneyland with my whole family.
    Darah - One of my favourite memories of Austin as a baby is when he was first born and someone else was holding him. He started crying, and they passed him to me and he immediately stopped crying. I knew from that moment that I was going to be ok with that tiny (he was early and so small) baby.

  10. Bailey - My favorite memory was when I was a toddler and climbed out of my crib and snuck up behind mom and dad in the kitchen.
    Sarah and Steve - one of our favorite memories of Bailey was when she was about 6 months old, she thought the word pyjamas was the funniest thing ever. Whenever we said it, she would laugh hysterically.

  11. Declan: One of my favourite memories is going camping and finding a toad.I played with it for days.
    Sharon: One of my favourite memories of Declan as a little guy was of him in his Jolly Jumper - he was so very happy bouncing around in front of the window, watching the world go by - even the paper boy commented on how cheerful our baby was!

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  13. Jackson: One of my favourite memories is when we rented a cabin and we went down to the beach and caught minnows and when we went over to a trampoline and jumped on it.

    Crystal: One of my favourite memories of Jackson when he was a baby was when he learned how to climb; he climbed on top of boxes to see out the front window, and he climbed on top of our kitchen table and started swinging from our chandelier.

  14. Liam - my favorite memory is going camping in the summer with my friends.
    Lara - my favorite memory of Liam is when he used to throw a ball and say "beence" (instead of bounce)in he's super adorable baby voice.

  15. Janaya: one of favorite memories was when l kissed a moth.
    Jason - one of my favourite memories of Janaya is when at 2 yrs old she met her newborn sister and always wanted to hold her.