Friday, September 23, 2016

All about us...

Hi everyone! This is our class blog and we like to put lots of pictures on it of us! We will also tell you about what we have been up to!

We made All About Me Bags about each of us and we presented them to the class. Take a peak below:


Can you guess what we are doing in these photos? It involved a lot of books and lots of bins! We like our class library!

We did an activity called " Saving Sam". We had to try and save him by getting him off the 'boat' using only two paper clips! We had a lot of fun and many laughs trying to make sure he did not fall in the 'water'!

We read the book called "The Dot" and made our own mark by creating a quarter of a dot that we put together to make a whole one! Check out the finished ones below!

We went on our first class field trip to the Forks to celebrate Peace Day and walk in the annual Peace Walk. We listened to different stories, enjoyed music, and free play time at the playground!

Here is all the grade 3's ( and some 2's) who went on the field trip!

We also started our swimming lessons and love getting to go in the pool! Our instructors are really nice and are helping us learn new things in the water.

It has been a very busy start to the year! In the comments, please tell me what you favourite part has been so far and what you are most looking forward to doing in Grade 3!
Bye for now and be kind :)


  1. My favourite part has been swimming. I really want to go on to harder chapter books. - Austin

  2. My favorite part so far was Saving Sam. I came home and told my family all about it. I am looking forward to tabloid day

  3. My favorite part so far has been swimming and doing our dots. I also enjoyed novel study.

    I am looking forward to Halloween.

    - Shea

  4. My favourite part has been going to the Peace Walk because playing on the structure was so much fun. I am looking forward to Tabloid Day and Halloween, I like these alot.


  5. My favorite activity was swimming and laughs during Saving Sam. I'm looking forward to learning and fun times with my classmates.

    - Janaya

  6. I like swimming. I look forward to roots of empathy because seeing the baby.

  7. I really liked the swimming lessons.

  8. My favorite part has been swimming. I'm most looking forward to the Egypt presentations.


  9. Lara - Oh no! We forgot to write sooner!

    Liam - My favorite part was playing saving Sam. It was fun. I look forward to painting our feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!