Friday, June 10, 2016

We can see summer coming!...

There is not much time left in the school year! Only 12 school days to be correct!
We are still working on lots of fun things in class. We started reading "Fourth Grade Nothing" by Judy Blume as a class. We also write about it and draw funny pictures. Some days we take turns reading and some days we listen to the chapters. We can't wait to read what happens at the end!

In Art, we made sarcophagus tombs for our Pharaohs. We have been learning about ancient Egypt and mummies. We drew a 'cartouche' by drawing hieroglyphics. We used fun metallic markers and oil pastels to create our pieces. Take a look!

 In Science we are wrapping up our unit on Plants and Soils. We finished our experiment on what soil gives you the cleanest water. In one bottle we put soil and grass seed, in the second it was dirt, pine needles, old leaves and grass, and tiny rocks, and in the third we put soil, coffee grinds, and flower seeds. We let them grow for a month. The grass grew the best. We then put a pitcher of water into each to see what kind of water would run off. We learned the one with the grass was the cleanest! And the dirtiest was the one with the dirt, dead leaves and stuff. We think the water was the cleanest with the grass because the roots helped keep the soil secure and they needed the nutrients to grow. We also learned we put too many coffee grinds in as a fertilizer and our flowers did not grow.

Our plants are growing! The ones that get sun, water, and air grew the best. Take a look at our bean plant and our pumpkin plant! The ones in the closet didn't do so well! :( Neither did the ones in the bag, except the pumpkin one grew a bit. And the poor plants with no water didn't stand a chance!

We also did a design project in Science and Mme Janes is really proud of our work! They are very creative and and it was neat to see how each person used each art supply in a different way! Take a look below at our beautiful flowers and trees!

With the warm weather we have been getting outside for some sunshine breaks and popsicle treats! We can't wait for our field trips!

Have a great weekend and be kind :)

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  1. We are all so excited about summer! I bet Mme. Janes is too...:)