Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Full Speed Ahead!...

     These past few weeks we have been busy with fun activities…. like multiplication !!!In multiplication we been learning different ways to show our work. We have been showing are work by putting them into groups and repeated addition and other ways!

     At parent teacher conferences we showed our parents what we have been doing lately. I think the best part for the kids and parents was the "Build a Structure' Challenge!

     In Art, we got to work with our buddies on an Easter project, and we also had an egg hunt! We made spring vases from our faces! make sure to take a close look ;)

    Our annual Science Fair was a success and Alexis even got to go to the Divisional Science fair!

     In Science, we are learning about plants and we panted our own beans! But we are still waiting for them to grow!

     This month, we even surprised Madame with a gift to go towards our Social! It turned into a popsicle party!

   No matter the month, it seems to be busy! We are rolling right along, and the end of the year is getting closer! We need to remember to play nice, inside and out on the playground and be respectful, responsible students! Stayed tuned for more fun things from Grade 3 Gaunce :)

Pssst---- we are working on an Ancient Civilizations Fair that is sure to be a blast ;)


  1. I cant wait till the plants grow! we should get together with our buddies soon! -Audrey

  2. YOU ALL READY USED THAT TILE MME!!!!!! Oh my Gaunce!!! �������� I Love sushi!!:

    1. Alexis, who is sushi?


  3. I loved planting the plants it was really fun. And the art that we did,the spring vases!

  4. Sushi is a food Audrey. ��

  5. Those popsicles look yummy. We are making Mountain Dew popsicles today. Liam is calling them Mountain Dewsicles :)

  6. I like sushi too Alexis!!!!!!!!!! :)