Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sorry Blog, its been a month…

….and what a month it has been! We have been so busy this week that we forgot to blog for a MONTH!!! So here are some things that we did this month and last month. Enjoy! - Alexis

This is a picture of us making Rice Krispies cakes. We followed the directions and learned how to write directions. They tasted good! - Liam

In January we worked on "Concours" for 5 weeks!!! Once we had them printed we presented them in front of the class. Our class did such a good job!!!! We were chosen to present in front of the whole school. We felt very nervous, but when we got to the microphone we didn't feel it at all!
- Audrey and Nick

In February we did Festival de Voyageur activities. One of them was pushing Mme Gaunce in a canoe race! We thought it was AWESOME! - Carson and Nura

We went to Festival de Voyageur and we go to eat caramel toffee!- Nevaya
I thought it was good because we got to eat taffy and have fun! - Cyrus

In Science, we made an Egg Drop experiment! We drew the plan and then we made the structure. We used lots of items, like straws, popsicle sticks, paper bag, tissue paper, and an egg! My team's structure tied with the other two teams because our egg did not break. Our structure was strong!- Jovan

Baby Wyatt is Carson's little baby brother. He is now two months old. And he had to keep mittens on so he wouldn't scratch himself. He is cute! - Dana

We did a continent project and we presented our projects to the class. I thought it was fun! And we did lots of practicing!- Kenny

Olympic Overload! We went on our iPads each morning to see how many medals each country won. We wrote them down on index cards, and after we graphed them! I liked put the tally marks up on the poster when they won a medal!- Courtney

LiLi loves Rice Krispies :)

Canada is #1!

Top of the morning to y'all!

In art we made Eiffel Tower art. we painted blue skies and we dabbed white clouds on it. Then we used cardboard to dab it making shapes to create the Eiffel tower. - Justin

We even found time to fit in a an arm wrestle...

Me and Mme Gaunce had a showdown- Justin
And I won :)- Mme Gaunce

Remember, be kind :)

Ps- Blog, we promise to visit more often and share our adventures! Pinky swear :)


  1. 'Knock knock!' 'Who's there?' 'Inurrupting cow.' 'Inurrupting co...' 'MOOOO!!!

  2. So you were right about Wyatt's name. It was fun making our Eiffel Tower art!

    Top of the morning to ya too!:)-

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the RICE KRISPIES were delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) (:

  3. It's been a long time!!!

  4. I love the Eiffel Tower art!!! Justin the arm wrestling was funny.

  5. post more stuff

  6. It was really fun making the Eiffel Tower art project, especially the sky.

  7. 'the plants haven't grown .oh'' and loved the Eiffel Tower art Sid

  8. I had so much FUN doing the project!!!!