Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An AWESOME Ancient Day...

     We had a fun Ancient Day! It has been a month of hard, hard work! Non- stop work every morning, but we did it! The class was divided into four separate groups, the Mayans, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. 

      Each person in the group had a part to do. We even dressed up in costumes and tried food that the ancient people ate during their times. ( The olives were not a hit!- see the pics…SOUR!)

     We loved making the iMovies for each group and eating the food! And making our costume was really fun!

     Here are some pictures to enjoy! We invited our parents and our grade 1 buddies to join us! We showed them all our hard work!

*****SPECIAL NOTE*****

I just want to say how proud I am of all the students for their hard work and team effort with their projects! I was so impressed with their costumes, videos, and how they came together as a group! The first time I tried something like this was with a Grade 8 class, not 8 and 9 year all blew me away with your ideas and creativity! You did a wonderful job presenting to our Buddies! Special thanks to the parents, for all their help behind the scenes with costumes, food, etc..and to those who came and helped to day! The Ancient Civilizations fair was a great success! 
                                                                                               Mme Gaunce :) 

The Greeks

We even made clay masks for each group! Here is a picture of them in the kiln being fired. Our next step is to paint them!

EWWW to Olives!...

We enjoyed grape juice, chocolate, apples with honey, and even greek yogurt with berries!

The Egyptians

We wrote our names in hieroglyphics, see if you can find yours! 

The Mayans

Helpers & Visitors :)

The Romans

Even the Grade 1's braved the olives...


  1. Why did I eat THAT OLIVE????? And Courtney said the black olives taste good. PICKLE FISH LIPS!!!!!

  2. Cause the black olives did taste good! didn't you try them Alexis!


  3. Nice one Alexis...PICKLE FISH LIPS!!! We had no time to try the black olives Carson. -Audrey

  4. So...... What's my favorite ice cream? Who ever says my favorite ice cream, will get a prize!

  5. Is it coco nut and cotton candy? And Alexis what is my favorite ice cream??? -Audrey

  6. You got Coconut right but, not Cotton Candy! Yours is Tiger Tiger, Cotton Candy and French Vanilla! I need my 3 flavors to win!!!