Monday, February 9, 2015

Two Week Wonders

These two weeks were crazy, but fun! We did persuasive writing, and which is better, Chocolate or Vanilla? M. Gomes and Mme Sawyer came to judge who presented the best argument....the winner was vanilla!

The grade 3's started swimming last week. It was very fun! We wished Mme Janes could come watch us, but M. Gomes took some pictures of us!

The grade 4's stayed back and did fractions! It was also fun and we talked a lot about food, like pizza and chocolate bars.

I Love to Read Month was a success! Mucsh Upon a Time was really cool. We had pyjama day, and beach day!  In math we had centres and worked in each one for a little bit of time!

Dear Parents, you have homework! ( Well you have to do it with me- your child!) Please comment below which you think is better, chocolate or vanilla, and WHY??! Don't forget to make a good argument for it.

                                          Now get to work! :)



  1. I think chocolate is better than vanilla because it is rich, smooth & creamy. It also makes you happy! Cheryl

  2. I think chocolate is better than vanilla because brownies are made with chocolate and brownies are the best. Owen is also being very persuasive in that chocolate is used for EVERYTHING and is therefore the better choice!!!!

  3. I like chocolate more because vanilla also means boring. Also, when it is cold outside you have a hot chocolate, but you don't have a hot vanilla!
    -David / Jessie's Dad

  4. I think that vanilla is better than chocolate because it has a flavour that is simple & refreshing. Plus it doesn't contain caffeine the way chocolate does! Diana

  5. Chocolate is better, just because it's chocolate

  6. Fun Facts from M. Sorokowski:
    1. M. Sorokowski taught your swimming teacher Garrett how to be a lifeguard. Ask him if knows Jon!!!
    2. M. Sorokowski worked for years with your swimming teacher Gaby. Small world, eh?!
    3. M. Sorokowski thinks chocolate is better, just because it's chocolate.