Friday, February 27, 2015

Adios Amigos...

What a fun year it has been so far!!! I am happy and sad at the same time- sad to be leaving you all but happy to start this new adventure! I hope you all have a wonderful time with Mme Jenkinson and Mme Menard! Remember to help them out, be respectful, and teach them about all the ways you are smart! Here are the lat of the photos we took together of our last weeks! I will cherish all the memories but skip to the bottom after the pictures for my TOP 10 from this year!

 I thought I would do a top 10 list of my favourite memories from this year!

10. Picking you up from downstairs with the 'queen' wave out the door.

9. Dress up days- any chance to look crazy with you!

8. Pack your BOOKBAGS!- teaching you all the East Coast terms while you taught me the Manitoba ways.

7. There are NO MISTAKES in Art- except for that one time it went really bad and we all cried..oops.

6. Reading a juicy chapter and leaving you hanging until the next one! DUN DUN DUNNNNN

5. Go Noodle- I didn't realize how many dancers were in this class until I saw all the sweet dance moves you have! Keep on shaking to the beat :)

4. Chocolate. That is all.

3. Thank you making me the 'crazy owl' lady.

2. Index of awesome- because you really are all awesome!... and crazy :)


Ps- the pink onesie with your names made me tear up again today! I will be sure to put it on her when we come for a visit later in the Spring!

             MERCI! MERCI! MERCI! I will miss you all!!! Au revoir mes amis!

                                                          Be kind :)
                                                          Love Mme Janes


  1. We will miss you too! Come visit soon.


  2. I'm going to miss you reading a chapter from a book! But on Friday I had the urge to cry & watch TV shows on my iPad... Hope you come for a visit with baby soon!

    P.S WHAT IS THE BABY'S NAME!?!?!?!?!?!

  3. PLEASE visit really soon! I will be sure to email you the details of my speech!


  4. When I got home I cried!! Then I ate licorice that made me alot happier! BYE!!!!!!!!! - Audrey :[