Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"Rocking" Times in Grade 3/4

Sorry Blog, we had a busy time these past two weeks! It all started with some word work. Oh, what is that you say? You don't know what word work is! Well, it is where we use playdoh, alphabet dice, wiki sticks, and pencils and markers to practice making words. Take a look below!

Next we did a Starburst science experiment to make rocks! There are 3 types of rocks- sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks! First, we cut them up into small pieces and mixed them together and  made them into a 'rock'.

 Then we added HEAT from our hands by rubbing the rock in a plastic bag, then we added PRESSURE!
 We had fun smooching them :)

 When they were ready, we placed them in tin foil and added even MORE HEAT from the oven!

 AFTER! *** notice the bubbles ***

For Halloween, we did lots of fun activities! We started by scooping out all the guts and seeds from the inside of the pumpkin. We washed the seeds and separated them from the guts. Then we baked them in the oven with spices. The pumpkin seeds were a big hit!

Next we carved the pumpkin, and you guessed it!! We made an owl pumpkin- special thanks to Mme Pfeifer for the outline. It was really fun to carve and some of us were really fast at it!



Some enjoyed the squishy feeling more than others! He he

We are hard at work on our volcanos and can't wait to share them with you at conferences!

And last but not least, we had a great day last Friday dressing up for Halloween, going to the parade and having our class party!

Ps- explosions will be happening Thursday! Take cover :)


  1. I loved Halloween, and I love doing volcanos.

  2. I will bring some goggles!!! I can not wait till the explosions!!!
    - Audrey

  3. that was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have way to much candy right now ( I guess there's not as much candy in my room...)


  5. The pumpkin seeds were fun to make! :D
    -Liam K.

  6. I love being in this class, it's super fun!!