Friday, October 17, 2014

Awesome October...

We have had a busy couple weeks with lots of learning! From art projects, buddy reading, math songs,  and even a baby reveal, the students have been doing many fun activities!

In Art, we decided to make some self portraits with a twist! We learned about an Italian artist named Amedeo Modigliani, who was known for his exaggerated portraits and sculptures. We used black construction paper and white crayons to draw the outlines of ourselves. We exaggerated some of our features, and made sure to keep our key characteristics that make us unique! Next we filled them in with pastels. And our last step was to outline everything in black.

You can find our masterpieces hanging in the hall by our classroom with a "guess who card" beside each! Take a peek the next time you are in the school!

We also had fun creating our Thankful Owl Art and hope you enjoyed them too!

My husband and I recently found out what we are having ( at his persistence!) and I wanted to share it with the students! On a piece of paper, the students wrote down what they thought it would be, boy or girl, and we came up with a bar graph to show the results. And they were right!! IT'S A GIRL!!

We decorated some cupcakes with pink icing! And enjoyed eating them. :)

Next, the students are writing letters to "baby girl" with their advice on life and what she needs to know about all the " important" things. And just wait to see what your children have shared!! They are so bright and creative...and are they ever funny!

We also watched a puppet show dealing with cancer and children with an illness. It made for good class discussion, awareness, and sharing!

Bus safety was also this week and the students did a great job of going over the rules and exiting the bus.

Coming up, we are studying rocks and mineral in Science, and I will be sending information home about a fun project we will be starting next week! In Math, we are focusing on addition and subtraction strategies and working with large numbers. We are also learning about the continents, maps, and landforms in Socisl Studies and where we are in the World.

The students have done a wonderful job of creating a positive classroom and are great at learning and sharing with each other! So for homework this weekend, I want them to share with you what they enjoyed the most in the last few weeks! Students, please write a comment and let me know one thing you learned these last two weeks! And parents, you can leave a comment too, let me know what your most important tip/ advice is with a new baby!

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy some family time together!

Mme Janes :)


  1. This is a hard question. Hmm... My favorite part this past two weeks is, learning that Mme is having a BABY GIRL!!! =)
    Tip of the Day:
    Listen to ''Carefree'' by Kevin MacLeod! (It's AWESOME!!!)

  2. I liked finding out that Mme is having a baby girl.also fun lunch was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tip of the Day:Shower and nap when you get the chance!!!

  3. My favourite part was when we learned different math strategies.

  4. My favourite part was when we learned math strategies.

  5. Diana (Charlotte's Mom)October 18, 2014 at 11:28 AM

    Dear Mme,

    My advice to you is the same advice I was given when I was pregnant with Charlotte. Enjoy your baby, and do not worry if your house becomes a mess - no one ever looks back on life and wishes they had dusted more often!

    Take care!

  6. Madame's hair is very long and her baby is the size of her watch.

    My advice is don't be quiet around the baby. She will be a better napper for it in the long run!!! Enjoy every second!

  7. I have enjoyed doing math and learning about rocks. Seth

    Advice for new moms - Remember to take care of you too. Take advantage of any and all help that is offered , being a new mom is hard work; you don't have to do it alone :)

  8. My favourite thing was learning about mme having a baby girl. I am excited for her but I will miss her when she leaves school.

  9. Sydney (and Sydney's Mom, Diane)October 19, 2014 at 7:06 PM

    I liked learning about the baby girl and I liked doing the graph, it was really fun. (And I liked watching the rock songs.)
    - Sydney
    My advice is to enjoy every moment, time goes so fast. - Diane

  10. My favorite part of the week were the art projects, especially "Whooo am I thankful for?" Olivia
    My advice is to sleep whenever the baby sleeps and never turn down help.

  11. My favourite activity was making the self portraits, because I like art.


    My new baby advice would be to take it one day at a time and to enjoy every moment, both the good and bad. It's all worth it!!!


  12. I enjoyed learning about the different kinds of rocks and minerals.
    -Liam K.

    Looks like fun times are being had. And even more in store with Baby Janes on the way! :)
    -Liam's mommy. :)