Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Retro Dance Fun!...

Last week we participated in the Retro Dance! We dressed up, and had lots of fun with the costumes and dances! Here are a few pictures from that day! We had some hippies, flapper girls, greasers, and 70's and 80's guys and gals!

Class Retro Photo :)

 So did Mme Ager! We had a couple flapper girls !

The students did a great job of fundraising for the school, and we enjoyed the dance-a-thon!
Until next time, be kind :) Hoot Hoot!


  1. My mom think that Cyrus was Carson in the photo.

  2. I love the class photo! ~ Audrey

  3. The costumes were fantastic and that was the best time of the year!!!!

    From Carson :)