Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear Blog: We did not forget about you!

We have been so busy, doing tons of fun activities these last weeks that we forgot to blog! Here are some photos to show you all that we have been up to!

Students, please show your parents these and type in the comments what your favourite part of the last couple weeks has been! Take a look…

 We made cookies with our buddies! We were lucky to have some volunteers in to help us make sugar cookies! We rolled our dough, cut them with cookie cutters, and added lots of sprinkles! We enjoyed some hot chocolate with them after! WHen we were waiting for them to be ready we played math games and read holiday stories with our Grade 1 buddies!

We even had a Pizza Party thanks to Jovan & his wonderful family, who brought us some delicous pizza from their store! Thank you so much, what a nice lunch treat :) 

                                                    We have been busy like little elves,
                         making lots of fun Art and special projects we will share soon..Shhh!


  1. the cookies were good from dylan

  2. i really like it .Because we can see your activities & fun you do in the class .

  3. Dear room 23 owls, I am having a good time in Manila. We went to Bangkok had a cooking class and had a lot of coconuts. On Boxing Day we are going swimming yay! I hope everyone has a good Christmas. See you in 2014! PS I am tacking ALOT I mean ALOT of photos!


  4. The cookies were delicious and yummy, yummy in our tummies!