Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Magnet Mania!!!

Nevaya- We started the week by working in a booklet about Magnets!

Kenny- We learned about static electricity and the difference between this and magnetism! We used balloons, and different objects and materials to see what attracts to the balloons!

Carson- It was fun rubbing the balloon on Mme Gaunce's head!

 Deanna- Some things stick, and some things don't! The light and thin things made of paper stuck!

Jovan- We went to our last day of swimming and it was so fun!

Justin- I learned to jump in the water! I am REALLY good at floating on my back :)

Liam- We used magnets to paint.It was really fun. We used the primary colours- red, yellow and blue! At first it looked like a big glob!

Nick- We made peace doves to represent the Peace Keepers around the world that help bring peace to us and the people of the world. 

Nick spoke at the ceremony on behalf of our class! Take a listen…

Connor- We brought our trophy in to school. We won it in double overtime. We wanted to share it with the class. 

And last but not least…we made out own magnetic mazes! Each of us chose a special theme and got creative! Hockey was a popular theme :) We are going to present them to our Grade 1 buddies!

Mme Gaunce- I am very proud of each of the projects you made and the effort you put in to your work!

Find your way through to Dana's house in the maze about! 

Keep up the great work mrs petits hiboux…Hoot! Hoot!

Until next time, be kind :)


  1. We had sooo much fun with ours mazes.

  2. Nick, you did awesome at the assembly! I give you an A+ for that :)
    Over and out, until next time.