Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween, Costumes, and Candy..Oh My!

        Just when we think the weeks can't get busier, they do! This week we did many fun things, including some Art projects, Math with candy, swimming fun, and Halloween party, followed by PJ day! Take a look at all we have been up to!


           We used "Scaries' candy to solve some Math addition and estimation problems!…Then we ate them of course :)

           Next in Art, we have been learning about Peace Keepers and Remembrance Day. Our class was chosen to create decorations to be placed around the gym for our school assembly. Here is a peek at what we are working to complete:

 We are creating Peace Doves to make a garland to hang around the gym!

And because it was Halloween we made some funny skeletons, and personalized them a little bit ;)

We only have one more week left to go swimming, and we sure have been enjoying it!

Check out this video of Liam swimming! His group was practicing life saving skills in the pool!

 After Swimming we celebrated Halloween together with a class party and parade in the gym! Thanks again to the parents who volunteered to help and the ones that came to see the parade! We had a fun day and I loved seeing all the costumes!

 The little Mermaid came by, along with a pretty messy hockey player!..

 We had lots of protection with our Ninjas and Super Heroes...

…and Mary Poppins even dropped in!

 We love Halloween :)

But boy were we tired after this week!…..Until next time….Zzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Zzzzzzz... no...more...candies....zzzzzzz....

  2. Im still tired from then. Liam

  3. The Halloween party was a lot of fun. Connor Murphy

  4. I love your costume Alexis!

  5. I can see bugsy there!