Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Crazy Times in Grade 3!...

We have been SOOO busy lately! We wanted to fill you in with all JUICY details!!- Nevaya

We have been doing TIA with Tibert! He is a voyageur and he taught us a lot!- Alexis

He taught us how to survive in the woods! Like how to hunt. -Cyrus

We learned lots about  music and different types of instruments. We got to make some music of our own, and we even got to beat box! We saw tools, furs, and different artifacts from years ago! We even took a journey in our imaginary canoe!
Check out the video:

Until next time, be kind!
Ps- tell me what your favourite part of Tibert le Voyageur was :)
- Mme Gaunce


  1. Tibert was awesome!! My favourite part was beat boxing on the microphone :)

  2. What I like about Tiber is that we got to play games!

  3. My favourite part of Tibert are the games.