Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Few Weeks In...

We have been working on our Dot Day Art. We used the dots to talk about how we would make our mark! Here are some photos of us working:

We have been learning the rules of the school, like how to walk in the halls and down the stairs!

We learned about all the different ways we learn best! Some of us are 'people smart' and some of us are ' body smart' or ' nature smart'. We made a brain, to show what 'smart' we are and now we know who we can go to in the class for help! 

We even played  Math hopscotch! We rolled the dice and used addition to hop our way on to the numbers! It got a little tricky... And crazy!

Until next time, be kind :)      
       - Grade 3


  1. What an awesome blog! I love seeing how much fun you are having with your learning! :-)

  2. Wow, there is so much going on. It looks like a lot of fun!

  3. This is Nick.
    I really liked doing the "dot art". Too bad I was sick when the class made the brain. That looked cool!!